Cypriot Flag Vessels -Registration of Ships & Vessels


In any case, Cyprus with its attractive shipping tax regime, competitive registration fees, well-regarded shipping legislation, reputation of safety and maritime practices, is likely to remain one of the most important and high quality shipping industry jurisdiction worldwide.

Cyprus Ship Registration

Cyprus vessel Registration

Cyprus Flag ship and vessels


Registry at a Glance Ownership Requirements :

(a) More than half (50%) of the shares of the ship must be owned by Cypriot citizens or by citizen(s) of a Member State of the EU or of the European Economic Area who in the instance of not being permanent residents of the Republic will have to appoint an authorised representative in the Republic of Cyprus, or

(b) The total (100%) of the shares of the ship must be owned by a company/ies which operate in accordance with the laws of the Republic and have their registered office in the Republic of Cyprus, or they operate in accordance with the laws of any other EU or EEA Member State and have their registered office, central administration or principal place of business within the European Economic Area or by entities registered outside the EU or the EEA but controlled by Cypriot citizens or citizens of a Member State. In both of the latter cases, they must either appoint an authorised representative in Cyprus or the management of the ship is entrusted in full to a Cypriot or ship management company in Cyprus.

– Applications for registration of ships must be made through Cypriot professional firms.

– At the time of its registration, the ship must be surveyed by an approved classification society

Cyprus Yachts and other pleasure crafts may also be registered in Cyprus. Cyprus adopted a maritime safety policy, which focuses on the effective control of ships and the improvement of the quality of the country’s merchant fleet. Furthermore, Cyprus enacted an Anti-Piracy Law; a comprehensive and pioneer legislation for the protection of Cyprus ships from piracy and other unlawful acts, including a legal framework allowing and regulating the use of private armed security personnel in high-risk areas.

Further restrictions:

(A) Age: Ships are divided into two main age categories.
(B) Capacity: Data in relation to the type of ship (lorries, passenger ships, fishing boats and recreational craft).
(C) Special inspection: The Department of Merchant Shipping may request an inspection by inspectors for the shipowner before or at the same time as the registration.

Management and Operation – ISM Code Requirements

A vessel is considered to be managed and controlled by a ship management company if that company has a valid compliance document or a provisional compliance document. In addition, the ship has issued a Safety Management Certificate or Interim Safety Management Certificate which indicates that it is operated by that company. The Compliance Document and the Safety Management Certificate should be issued either by or on behalf of the Cypriot Government.

All vessels, regardless of type (total tonnage and above), must have a safety management certificate. Management companies must have a valid Compliance Document.


The inspection of ships for assessment of suitability for registration in Cyprus is done through a global network in all the major ports of the world. So the ship does not have to come for inspection in Cyprus.

Ship Mankind – Legislation

Cypriot ship-owners and fishermen should be required by law to have their personnel’s employment papers submitted to the Director of the Ports Department.

The staffing of ships under the Cypriot flag is regulated by internationally accepted levels, in line with IMO standards.

Terms and working conditions of fishermen / ship personnel are regulated by Group Agreements and Trade Unions.

Additionally, it is necessary to have a Certificate of Ability and Grade issued by the Cypriot government or a country where the certificate is recognized by the Republic of Cyprus.

  • Cypriot maritime legislation encourages 15% of Cypriot citizens to participate in a ship’s fleet.
  • Safety Ship Certificate: All Cypriot ships must have a Secure Staffing document which will determine the number and composition of the staff.
    Register a Cyprus Shipping Company or Register a Ship with Cyprus Flag, Cyprus Yachts registration.


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