Cross-border Business Activities

Cyprus – Greece Investment Opportunities

FCI-PLUS POINT provides professional services for the start-up or expansion and operation of cross-border business activities in Cyprus and / or Greece.

The attraction of foreign direct investment is at the heart of the policy of the Cypriot government, and is one of its most important priorities. In this context, tax incentives and other incentives are offered to existing or new companies (and their staff) who are active or start operating in Cyprus.

If it is startup or the expansion of an existing business abroad, either on our own or in cooperation with third parties, we are at your side throughout your investment to make it successful.

In the strong challenging environment, FCI-PLUSPOINT can work as a “One-Stop-Shop” to assist you get started on a good footing and maintain your company’s / investment sustainable growth and profitability.

Our services include:

  • Feasibility / feasibility studies for local and international companies, joint ventures and participation schemes, legal and tax services. This according to the needs and requirements of the local / international context and economic environment.
  • Project funding – sponsorships.
  • Copyright management.
  • Financial management and support.
  • Establishing / discontinuation of operations, concluding redemption / participation / sale contracts, settlement of issues related to foundations / mergers / company conversions.

Business / Investment / Expansion Sectors

  • Constructions
  • Energy
  • Property
  • Tourism-Hotel
  • Health

In addition, we provide services and advice for investment in companies or real estate, tax establishment in Cyprus, repatriation of employees, as well as a wide range of related services.


As part of the policy of the Government of Cyprus, small or large development projects are announced from time to time.

These projects are mainly related to safety and generally improve the quality of life of residents (eg flood protection works, retaining walls, improvements of hazardous roads, etc.), development of the tourism sector (eg marinas, casino).

In addition to public works, large projects and the private construction sector (eg shopping malls, large business and residential buildings) are being extended.

Therefore, opportunities are offered for cooperation with Greek companies in projects of specialization.

Cypriot construction companies are promoting their expansion in Greece and the Middle East. All types of co-operations (cooperatives, joint ventures, etc.) are favored.

Real Estate

Due to the continuing instability and insecurity in the banking sector worldwide, individuals and businesses are turning to real estate investment in more than one country.

Cyprus and Greece offer opportunities for investment in real estate as prices have fallen after the crisis.

Cyprus offers serious tax incentives in this area:

  • A tax deduction, with a minimum of 20%, to the capital expenditure for all assets.
  • Accelerated depreciation, deduction of interest (NET) in new chapters.
  • Provision for an increased 25% deduction of income tax paid by employers for each additional employee is recruited.
  • With the Cyprus International Trusts there are serious tax incentives for the creation of the Cyprus International Trust. These can be widely used as a vehicle for international tax planning, especially in the case of real estate investments.

Energy & Renewable Energy Sources (RES)

Cyprus is committed to:

  • ensuring the security of energy supply and its protection environment.
  • promoting healthy competition in the energy sector and encouraging the development of renewable energy and production technologies.

It also aims to make a positive contribution to European energy security of supply.

It ranks first in the world in the field of solar energy use for domestic water heating, and has made significant progress in the field of Renewable Energy Sources (Renewable Energy Sources).

The most important projects related to the production of electricity from R.E.S concern wind and photovoltaic parks.

The country’s energy policy is in line with that of the European Union. The main aspects of energy policy include:

  • liberalization of the electricity and oil markets.
  • establishment and operation of a strategic oil terminal.
  • implementation of development programs related to the use of energy conservation, technologies, the use of genius R.E.S and the protection of the environment from industrial pollution.
  • RES target of providing at least 13% of the country’s energy by 2020.
  • promotion of petroleum products and other eco-friendly sources such as natural gas.

Oil & Natural Gas

The existence of gas reserves in Cyprus’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) has attracted potential international investors, and exciting opportunities in the field of energy are emerging.

Top international companies active in the oil and gas utilities sector in Cyprus are Noble Energy, ENI & KOGAS, TOTAL.


Extensive growth is expected in the coming years in investments in the Energy sector in Cyprus through joint ventures – partnerships with companies with know-how and international experience in the field.

Property Management & Representations

Globalization necessarily implies the creation of Delegations covering not only Greece – Cyprus but also the wider region. Here Cyprus offers for tax and other reasons.

The tax status of the country promotes research, development and innovation, in line with the EU strategy. The provisions of the tax legislation introduced in 2012 provide generous exemptions from income tax related to Intellectual Property / IP, under certain conditions.

Tourism & Hotel

Tourism is one of the most important economic sectors in Greece and Cyprus.

Cyprus has all the prerequisites for the further development of this industry and offers many opportunities for investment in specialized sub-sectors such as Health, Well-being, Sports, luxury accommodation,

Other areas offered as a mature and attractive investment opportunities is large-scale development projects, such as recreation, theme parks, luxury real estate projects, marinas, resorts, golf, Casino Resort (through government tender has be launched) etc.

Health & Wellbeing

Medical tourism is a rapidly growing industry that combines medical treatment and well-being combined with holidays, thus offering all the conditions for a recognized international destination. The country already meets a number of important criteria such as strategic location, mild Mediterranean climate, high quality networks with hospitals and clinics, luxury hotels, and existing tourism infrastructure, using several foreign languages and expertise internationally educated medical staff.

In recent years, even more cooperation between doctors and medical centers between Greece and Cyprus has been evolving.


Our services

Our priority is to ensure that we fully understand each client’s personal goals (including the income requirement), the risk profile and the time horizon of his investment. This enables us to analyze the investment strategy that will fully meet its requirements.

Our primary goal is to make sure that the investment will have the greatest potential to protect its investors.

Contact us to explore together the Investment possibilities/opportunities.

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